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Inspired by Kid Icarus, Super Mario, and Gargoyle's Quest: Snake Pit is not just a classic platformer, it's a platformer/JRPG hybrid with a Halloween  world, a comedic-yet-gloomy atmosphere, and a collection of Gothic-yet-catchy chiptunes. (This is the most updated version of the game currently available to play)

"Sikk, collector of lost souls, can you hear their moans? They must be taken to where they can finally rest. Prepare thyself; the journey is filled with vile demon snakes and strange inhabitants! Those lost souls depend on you! Be the hero that they've needed for so long!"

- - -

Although this game was made by one person, Otyugra Games is run by a large number of member who are currently making a large game meant to be a spiritual successor to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. If that interest you, and even if it doesn't, go to our website to learn more, or to play more free games: http://otyugragames.weebly.com/ you can also find us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OtyugraGames 

Install instructions

The download file is a zip file. You may need something to unzip the file before the application .exe file can be extracted and played.


Snake Pit.zip 4 MB

Development log


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Really cool game man, congrats!

Love the graphics and the music, and the 2 types of gameplay have that gargoyle's quest vibe